My personal review of


My personal review of

I have been in the adult entertainment industry for 10 years as a phone sex performer, webcam model and manager of my own network of websites.  So I have a lot of experience from the point of view of a provider and as an employer.  During this time I have seen a lot of companies come and go – some were great and others were complete rip-offs.  I have been fortunate to meet some really great people and make some good money of the years.

So I wanted to start my review with the pros and cons of most pay per minute phone sex and webcam platforms.  I want to do this because it relates directly to the strengths of and why I think they developed their platform in the way that they did.

There are currently about 5 big pay per minute platforms on the net today where you can register, create a profile and connect with other users.  All 5 of these platforms work in the same way.  Basically the customers register, add money to their account via credit card, then use that credit to connect to you (by phone or webcam).  Payment is then uusually received within 2 to 4 weeks (most companies with-hold payment for various reasons. is a bit Different


No payment with-holds:  They actually pay daily and do not hold back any funds.  This is vital when you need quick cash.  They also provide tons of payment options; check, money order, direct deposit, etc.  One performer told me that she needed payment in an emergency andthey sent her a Green Dot Money Pak. also is setup similar to FB, meaning that you can add friends, create a channel and create your own pay per call packages.  For example you can create a 10 minute call package for X.XX.  You can even create free sample call packages.

You can also create image, video, audio and blog posts.  You can even manage your own media library which is great because you can use those files to attach to messages and other posts.  Promotion is free and they provide a shout board that you can post to at anytime.

They are a no taboo phone sex service, so you can talk about anything.  See one of their official blogs at:


To check out their website please go to